Chasing Your Dreams

Two years ago when I was 14 years old, I travelled to Europe with my family, visiting Paris, Rome, Venice, Zurich and London. I fell in love with Europe. I loved the way everything was completely different from everything I had known up until them. Ever since that trip, I knew deep down I had to return.

My dream is to travel across Europe after I graduate from High School, and stay for as long as I possibly can. I don’t have a lot of money, so I’m hoping to find ways to save money before I go, and earn money while I am traveling. With this blog, I hope to connect with people who are either doing something similar, or hoping to do something similar, so we can learn from each other. 

Everyone has their own dream, which makes them unique in their own way, while still connecting us with this shared bond of being passionate about something. I think it’s important to follow your dreams, no matter how young or old you are.

I have always been different from the rest of the crowd, no matter where I have gone; whether it be in school, in a city, or even within a foreign country. Some may look to fit in with the others surrounding them, but me, I like to express the fact how I am different, and being in a foreign country is a great opportunity to show how unique one can be. Everyone has their own dream, which automatically makes them unique in their own way. You might have a small dream, or you might have a big dream. No matter what it is humans can all connect just with that alone. I like to say, start small and build your dream up; what is a dream if you are not to accomplish it?

In reality it would be a nightmare to not follow through with your dream. My dream is a rather large dream, which is to set off from America and journey to the Netherlands, from there I shall let my heart take me across the rest of Europe. This is my dream because I truly fell in love with Europe when I traveled there when I was only fourteen years old, ever since then, I knew I had to return. Something deep down in my heart told me, I needed to return. I believe this blog can spread the dream of a young teenager to actually do something amazing with his life, like I have said, I have always been different, sometimes you have to go big, or go home. Being different is just who I am, and I truly believe I can return to Europe for a longer stay.